Since July 2017 we -the mechacoustics- are manufacturing the actuator which is well-known as ELAC exciter.
The assembly takes place in our own facilities in Lindau/Germany.
These electrodynamical systems are used to reproduce Biegewellen as actuator, exciter, canceller and for other similar properties.
Artists use our system for sound installations, as invisible loudspeakers, for sculptures, as speaking pictures or for many other different cases.
In VIP aircrafts, nightliners, ships, boats and other vehicles our exciters are used for reproducing invisible sound.
Even advertising displays on fairs, glas panels, plastic domes or other architectural installations may be used as 'membrane' for the exciters.
Furthermore, our exciters are also used in medical appliances as well as in cash systems.
Meanwhile this type of exciter, developed by us, is produced in a quantity of 1.7 Million pieces and hence is the most successful system of this kind worldwide.

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