Replacement of the speaker system from Mediendom, University of Applied Science, Kiel:
After 10 years of continuous use, it was our job to install a new sound system for the Mediendom, University of Applied Science, Kiel. It was a pleasure to do this very individual work.
The new system uses a computer based sound array, which was done by Fraunhofer institute, Ilmenau.
58 speakers and 7 additional subwoofers can be driven simultaneously to create the 3D sound effects. We stripped 1300m of speaker cable in the dome. The main work was focused to be done within 2 working days and we were able to be ready in time. All 58 speakers were developed and manufactured by mechakustik.
Best wishes to the Mediendom team. We hope you will have a lot of magic moments with this worldwide 3rd 3D sound system.

Specification sheet of speaker system
Mechanical drawing of speaker system

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